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Vlog: Shipping & Logistics PR trends with Peter Owen, Founder Portcare International

Lysander PR strategic partner Portcare International is the leading press relations consultancy for the shipping and logistics industry. Formed by transport people for transport people, the talented team at Portcare provide effective, value for money PR to some of the industry’s best-known names.

Portcare International helps its clients by designing, implementing and monitoring communications programmes for a variety of audiences, and its expert PR advisors are Lysander PR’s strategic partners for marine focused clients.

We caught up with Founder Peter Owen to find out more about the trends shaping shipping and logistics PR in 2024, and what his call to action for the sector is. 

On the challenges for the sector, Peter notes: “Decarbonisation is very much to the fore in the maritime and transport industry, as is indeed a trend towards shortening supply chains in view of wider disruption. This is also part of ongoing geopolitical uncertainties.”

Watch the Vlog for Peter’s full commentary. 

Find out more about our Strategic Partners.

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