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Our Partners

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Our strategic partnership sees the re/insurance marketing and brand building expertise of the OB Brand Consulting team offered in combination with the strategic, focused PR expertise of the LPR team. A winning combination! 

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Julian Atkins

Founder and Director OB Consulting


Julian founded Ocean Creative in 1999, delivering brand and marketing solutions to insurance software providers. In 2006, he joined forces with Jonathan to form OB Brand Consulting, enjoying success throughout the insurance sector, most recently the driving force behind the Insurance Museum initiative, building the museum brand, strategy and campaigns.


Jonathan Squirrell

Founder and Director OB Consulting

Project Lead for the Insurance Museum


Jonathan started creative agency, Barefoot, in 1993, delivering brand and marketing solutions to professional services clients, before merging with old friend Julian to form OB Brand Consulting. Currently leading the Insurance Museum initiative, Jon has also been key to the successful brand strategy development for Ebix, LMG, LiiBA, LIMOSS, Lloyd’s, PPL, CII and the LM TOM. 


Nicola Manning

Communications Manager OB Consulting

Campaign Manager for Insurance Museum


An experienced branding and marketing expert, Nicola is adept at project managing campaigns to help achieve key business objectives. Managing the Insurance Museum campaign, Nicola is currently driving the £3m fundraising campaign through various strategic communications activities.


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