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LPR and SJ Perry PR: supporting businesses with their international expansion

Updated: Jan 23

In early 2023, LPR began working with SJ Perry PR to support a pioneering South African based insurance technology platform provider with its international expansion. 

SJ Perry PR is a boutique PR agency in South Africa specialising in public relations, content creation and media relations services to small to medium-sized businesses, largely in the technology sector.

The expansive South African insurtech already had an established relationship with SJ Perry PR and LPR was brought in to work alongside SJ Perry PR on the company’s international expansion, including in particular its UK launch. The like-minded PR agencies work seamlessly and collaboratively to ensure a strong, integrated and impactful news pipeline is maintained both locally in South Africa as well as in the international media at all times.

LPR and SJ Perry PR are already looking to extend the partnership in 2024 and beyond by offering clients within the global insurance, insurtech and fintech sectors a full suite of tailored communications, PR, digital and marketing services to help differentiate themselves in their chosen markets.   

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