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Back to the Future at Lloyd’s?

We took a bit of light relief from the analysis and hard journalism surrounding the plans to transform and modernise Lloyd’s, to look at the cameo appearances of the iconic building itself in the world of film

Could a future in which brokers and underwriters share data on large touch screens as real time loss reports come in from around the world, seamlessly flowing through to reinsurance layers and claims departments with no paper in sight, be just around the corner?

The ambitious and exciting Lloyd’s Blueprint One report paints a picture of a market that will become as technologically advanced on the inside as the iconic Lloyd’s building has always looked on the outside.

Designed by Richard Rogers, the much photographed reinsurance hub wears its services on its exterior, the facade shaped by winding conduits, staircases and lifts, leaving expansive space for the bustle and business of the market within.

In fact, it is thanks to its striking architecture that the building has made many a brief appearance in the background of films over the years. So here’s a by no means complete collection of the building’s cameo appearances (sadly Back to the Future isn’t one of them, but we just can’t resist a good headline):

Guardians of the Galaxy:

Here is Lloyd’s entrance making a cameo on Xandar as crowds flee a crashing spaceship (spoiler alert, it was all fine in the end):

Code 46

A moody genetic sci fi cameo for Lloyd’s pipe-crossed exterior in this 2003 British film:

Mama Mia

A dapper Piers Brosnan graced the steps of Lloyd’s in this scene from this 2008 romance musical that history simply won’t let us forget:

Fast & Furious

Another cameo for Lloyd’s in this still from high brow action thriller Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw:

Honourable Mention: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Close but no cigar, nevertheless 30 St Mary’s Axe aka the Gherkin just up the road in EC3 makes a cameo appearance in this scene that sees the charming Death Eaters sweep into London and cause a bit of business interruption here and there:

Any others to add to the list? Suggestions welcome! Funnily enough, two Russell Crowe films, Proof of Life (2000) and A Good Year (2006) both featured Lloyd’s...but our lunch break is over now!

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