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LPR and Guyer Group: Amplifying Global PR Capabilities

In 2024, Lysander PR partnered with Guyer Group to support an innovative global AI-focused financial services technology provider. This strategic partnership for a Guyer Group-led global communications programme complements our respective reach and specialisms, enabling us to deliver even more effective and impactful PR and media relations.

Guyer Group, a US-based PR powerhouse, is known for achieving differentiation and driving visibility for technology companies. Their thoughtful, creative, and relentless approach has earned them a reputation for excellence, representing a diverse range of clients from emerging companies to industry giants. With a team of seasoned professionals, Guyer Group provides the communications counsel needed to stand out and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

From the onset of each engagement, Guyer Group takes the time to understand their clients' business needs, designing strategic programs that are led by expert teams. Their experience and creativity are matched only by their relentless desire to exceed client expectations, delivering the types of programs needed to achieve success.

LPR, with its dedication to providing PR expertise for innovative companies in re/insurance, technology, and resilience, sees this partnership as a natural fit. Working alongside Guyer Group, we will support the global AI-focused financial services technology provider’s ambitious international expansion. This collaboration ensures a strong, integrated, and impactful news pipeline is maintained across global media channels.

Find out more about the expert team at Guyer Group

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